Visit Us at PAX AUS 2015


We’ll be at PAX AUS 2015 in Melbourne Australia this weekend.
If you’re here for the show, drop by and say hi!
Read about what we’ve got on show here:


All those awesome Aussie dev studios will be there… 5 Lives, League of Geeks, you lot… all crammed into one veritable giggle. But it is a bit too far to just hop into a plane and fly over for an afternoon.
Can you move Australia into the Mediterranean?


Hey @Sirrian

A few questions, as Australia is a bit far for me to hop over (as @melkathi mentioned too!), and for those others that can’t make it:

  1. will you be posting any previews or maybe some youtube footage of the new battle mode?

  2. will the new Crimson Insignia weapon be exclusive to the event? will the rest of us be able to get it later (with Glory, for example)?

  3. you appear to be next to ‘Sweaty Chair’ - is that a reference to anyone’s personal hygiene… (just stereotyping those late night programmer types…)


Can we get Crimson Insignia in the future? You know, not every big fan of GoW can fly to AUS to join PAX…
Please give us a chance to get this weapon in the future… Even if we must pay money for this weapon. I really don’t want to miss everything in this game…

PLEASE… :cry:


Don’t worry, Crimson Insignia will be available to everybody after PAX (we’ll probably add it to the Glory Rewards in a week or two). We wouldn’t want anybody to miss out!

@Jainus, In game development, it seems you’re NEVER far away from a Sweaty Chair!


@Sirrian , thank you so much for telling us about this news! And hope you enjoy your PAX later! :smile:


@Sirrian, glad that you will make available the weapon for those who won’t go to the event. PAX is an event to present games and technologies for gaming? In Brazil, we have ‘brasilgameshow’. PAX I haven’ t known.


@fabriciohsp6, Yes, PAX (Penny Arcade Expo), is run by the guys who do the Penny Arcade web comic.

It’s a big event run 4 times a year in different locations (once in Melbourne, Australia, and the other 3 times in the USA, in Seattle, Boston & San Antonio).

Anyway, it’s an excellent show, with stuff for all types of gamers, and tens of thousands of people go to each one. It’s always LOTS of fun, and VERY hectic!

I just checked out the website for Brasil Game Show (looks like it was just a couple of weeks ago) and it looks pretty cool too!


Is there anything you can tell us about the rumour that at PAX Nimhain will cosplay as the Summer Imp and CrowdedWorlds as the Autumn Imp?


Unfortunately I’ve been trying to catch all the imps in Krysterra that I didn’t have time to make my costume. Maybe I’ll go as the winter imp next time…


You know I’ll remember that and bring it up next year, right? :innocent:


I’d be surprised if you didn’t. I will however conveniently forget all about this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Any way we’ll get a nice blog post that shows some pictures of the stand and some feedback about how it went? :grin:


Let’s hope so!