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Are the devs coming to PAX Australia 2016?

Hi @Sirrian, @nimhain, et al,

Are you guys going to be at PAX Aus in an official capacity this year?

If so, where on this map will you be?

Hope to see you all there!

I heard no, unfortunately.

We’re not doing a stand this year… PAX is crazy expensive to get a decent-sized stand (like the big castle we had last year), and we’re not allowed in with the indie devs.

We will, however, be walking around in an official capacity on the Saturday with some goodies to give away, and we’ll post our times and locations in case anybody wants to catch up with us!


That part I definitely missed. … damn it I think I’m not making it this year. No exclusives, y’hear??!

Sirrian and I will be wearing our Gems of War shirts with our forum names on the back (which some of you may remember from last year).

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Or you can just look for my gigantic shiny bald head, glowing like a beacon of eternal hope amongst a sea of flannel and beards… :stuck_out_tongue:


You should dress as Luther!

And Nimhain as Couatl. Edit: as a sexy pirate chick :+1:

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I will be there on the Saturday.

Don’t worry non-Melbournian forum-goers (and Shimrra), I’ll make sure to share any goss I get from Sirrian and Nimhain when I hunt them down (I know what they look like from last year). :sunglasses:

Make some pics and post them here afterwards?

Wait yer bald?! I thought you would you know look more like your avatar picture with that glorious beard.

The one doesn’t necessarily exclude the other…

There’s some stereotyping going on there…

So you’re going to PAX in Seattle in 1993?

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as a man, American, sitting here wearing a flannel, jeans, and perhaps way to long of a beard… I’d feel at home.

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I have been to several PAX in Seattle :sleeping:. A state convention center packed to the rafters with nocturnal gamers is not my idea of a casual, relaxing experience. The first PAX was in 2004, btw.

I know, that was part of the joke. :grimacing: