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PAX Aus 2016 - Come Say Hi

Hi Everyone,

For those lucky enough to be heading to PAX Aus 2016 in Melbourne this weekend, why not come say hi to us!

We opted out of having a booth this year - last year’s castle & dragon were pretty epic, but it was such a lot of work for our small crew that we decided to concentrate on the game this year instead.

HOWEVER, Nimhain and myself will be at the show all day Saturday - you might see us wandering around wearing our Gems of War shirts with our names on the back OR if you really want to catch up and chat, we’ll be outside DOOR 1 at 11:00am and 3:00pm for a while.

If you DO manage to collar us, we have some special codes to giveaway for a unique PAX weapon - the Merchant’s Blade!
(and don’t worry, non-PAX-goers, we’ll make them available in game for Glory in a few weeks’ time)

Hope to see some of you there!


wow a glory weapon bundle!
i have never seen any of those for the few months that i was playing, i thought you guys gave up on those :astonished:


Nice weapon. But still I’ll have to say this : Make crescendo available to buy again please :sweat_smile:


Shut the front door, i want that weapon!

You know I can’t. I shall send Venzael in my place.

yes why not, only 10000 kms. more less.
I stay there in a few minutes.

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Orders received, Cap’n!

If we can’t go in australia can we just say hi in this thread and get the code? :slight_smile:


Yeah, my yearly Aus trip is always to Brisbane…

Anyone at this event, last time they did a con there contained spoilers of the next major update, so could someone tell me what is the scoop this year for the gems of war team?

Nice. Looking forward to finding a code, as Melbourne is a bit of a trek from the UK :slight_smile:

One point @Sirrian suggest don’t make that weapon blue… enough of those already (and just encouraging more Valkyrie use for farming)

We already have a blue/purple weapon, this is going to be interesting. Giant spider will be pleased, and so will sorc.

I know coming out to th US is a bit of a trek for you guys, but since I know at least a few of you guys are board gamers, someday you should come to Origins Game Fair, held in Columbus Ohio (a mere 2 hours’ drive for me). All analog stuff, no video or digital games, so it’s not exactly work-related either, but it’s super fun and a really great time. Plus, you can play board games or Pathfinder with dear old me :sunglasses: For that matter, any of you forum people should consider it, if you like games. I’d be happy to meet any of you too! Early June! :wink:


I’ve never heard of this one. I may have to check it out.


Especially since it’s practically in your backyard!


Had an awesome time chatting to @Sirrian and @Nimhain today!


I’m envious :frowning:

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I too had a lovely chat with Sirrian and Nimhain again this year.

If anyone wants to see how totally not OP the Merchant’s Blade is, feel free to invade me this week… :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, it can’t be OP enough to offset the… uhm, underpower?, of AI :wink:

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I wish i knew an exact date for the pax weapon to be released. With pax and other conventions going at the same time, is there anything happening at pax that blizcon did not overshadow? Sombra amazing!