Pax East weekend Are you going or no

Are the developers of gems of war going to pax this weekend as devs or as patrons or not at all. There was a post about the developers going to pax before and how information about patch 1.8 was released at pax then quickly forgotten. Also will anyone here be going as well or wishing they could go or didn’t think of it.

The previous post was from PAX Australia which is in Melbourne where the devs live - I’m not aware that the devs have been to any of the other PAXs.

The next PAX AUS will be in November.

Aww, if only they could take a “vacation” to pax east with a rig of some sort to show off the game in its 2.0 state.

Personally I would love to go to the other PAXs (either for Expo or visiting). Unfortunately we are busy with getting 2.0 out at the moment to do shows.


These are the best devs ever.

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Yes they are. Now about non-devs going. Anyone here on the forums going to pax?

Totally agree, 1.9 was just released, and I feel that 2.0 is just some weeks away.

If my theory is correct we only have one month remaining for them to drop 2.0 on our heads so i am stock piling the popcorn for the heat that is going to happen on the forums. As it is the combat update (i think) then the heat will be more than the class update or the trait update.