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PAXAUS Developer Meet Up


As promised, here is the information for our meet up at PAXAUS. You can meet myself, @sirrian, @nimhain (and maybe a few others…) at the above time and place. We can’t wait!


I might stop in and see you guys.

See ya then.

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Wish I were still in Melbourne. Have a great show!

Excuse me! I will also be there and very happy to meet anyone, discuss Gems of War, or have a dance off.
p.s I did actually win an $150 mouse from a dance off once. I will take you on.


Not sure what you mean by ‘win $150’ or ‘dance off’ :thinking:, but this is a family friendly game.

It indeed is! The big companies do competitions where you can do dance off and the crowd selects the best dancer. They play a random song. I won a computer mouse from the company Logitech because that’s how they do their marketing. :woman_shrugging:


I can’t make PAXAUS this year unfortunately, but have a great time without me!

Hope your panel goes well, @Saltypatra.

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complete sentence

Planned on going there. Got lost. Found door and hour later lol

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Don’t worry Sirrian and I got stuck in the massive queue to get a wristband so we could get into the building. It caught us off guard as the previous years have been completely different.

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Yeah we got here at a bit before 9am. Lines were massive then let alone later lol