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PAXAUS 2017 - Meetup

You read that right! We will be at PAXAUS this year if you would like to meet up with us. And by us, I mean Sirrian, Nimhain and of course, me!

We will have an official meet up on Saturday at 12 noon outside Door 1. We have some things to give away, including candy and maybe even some Gems of War artbooks!

I will also be running around PAX the entire weekend, so if you see me feel free to say hello. Might be a bit hard, as I will be in cosplay, but I believe in you. I will be dressing up as Ann Takamaki from Persona 5 and 2B from Nier Automata.


Yeah a new weapon.

Traitor! There is not enough half-naked females in GoW?

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@Saltypatra you need to post a pic on the forum


See you there! :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately no new weapon for PAX this year.

Hence the candy and Artbooks instead.

If I give you my address, will you be kind enough to send them? :slight_smile:

Bone Wall is waiting since so much time in the game files, it could be his time to shine… :slight_smile:

Um, this is a bit of a trip from Essex… maybe you can attend some UK expos too? :smiley:


This is today! How exciting! No one found me yesterday though… So, against my better judgement (and some nudging from players) this is what I’m wearing and look like today.
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I hope you not taking a selfie while you are driving :slight_smile:

Where is your sword?


Awesome cosplay outfit.

No more information about this event?

What would you like to know?

Any things interesting?

Generally, we have some informations from players: “Hey I met Sirrian we discuss about that, and he said that and that.”

We chatted. We formed a beautiful circle. I drank coffee while we talked, which of course surprised exactly no one. @Actreal is awesome.


I am officially jealous…


Kudos to all able to attend!

The next time the dev teams takes a leisurely lunch to DFW, let me know and I’ll buy you all a big Texas BBQ lunch!

I met more devs in person this year, including @Vexx, @alpheon, @GoldPhoenix0 and @Ozball.

Apparently I need to watch Salty’s streams more.

As promised, Nimhain gave me an artbook which has lots of concept art and in-game art, and a few insights into initial lore that got rewritten - Suncrest and a couple of other Kingdoms had different names originally, although I noted that Blackhawk was already Blackhawk in 2014. Assuming I’m allowed, I’ll try to post a couple of the more interesting pages here when I get a chance.

Mostly we chatted about stuff that’s common knowledge on the forums already, but one thing I did learn was that the crafting troops list is currently quite random, but Sirrian is considering adjustment in future to avoid Troops repeating too frequently (coughKetrascough).


I hope it will be real soon cause im only missing 1 troops and he only was there on the first week and unfortunately i didin’t had enough ressources to craft him

Also why not make them all avalaible???

Just rotate the Legendary troops daily would be fine by me.

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