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VIP level = free class change

The publisher obviously doesn’t want the class fee change to change. Yet, they should also want to Reward the players that pay real money. (The one thing more valuable than gems in the game economy).
I’ll leave the VIP level open to whatever the publisher and devs can agree on. If you can’t change the code to make it always free for X level of VIP. Then at least have 50 gems as part of the daily Rewards. The VIP bonuses need to be restructured anyway to offset all the new gem sinks. I’d personally like to see Death Knight armor be added to the VIP 10 bonus. Those who raised their VIP level that high without ever buying the armor surely has some regret about it. (I know I do. 🤷)


Haven’t they made it clear that someone else wrote this code and they don’t know how it works?

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They made it clear that they aren’t going to change the gem cost nor the time frame that a free one occurs. They have a lot of reasons why. But basically the main reason is, the publisher doesn’t want it changed.

Dude, they don’t give a Horse’s :poop: about VIP players. They proved that with the Gem Nerf (Which made being VIP 5 and above almost pointless. Yeah, let me spend more money to buy Gems to use the Chests I aleady spent money to access… Uh, let’s not and say we did). Not to mention, that if you are a high VIP, you actually lose value on some things. For example, Major Growth Orbs. If you are a VIP with “Troops start at lvl 10” or whatever, and use a Growth Orb, you get less out of it than someone who’s completely F2P. Which is dumb.

Basically, all VIP above, maybe lvl 3, is just a bogus “pat on the back, thanks for giving us money, now give us more” kind of thing.

In short, I like your idea, but they’ll never do it. The Publisher stopped caring about actual players a long time ago. We’re just dollar signs and numbers on a spreadsheet to them now.

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I’m in. VIP level 0, lets go.


But in essence it can work. One of the reasons some of us became VIP was that at some point the purchases made sense and were also our way to say “Thanks for the experience!”, and right now if the publisher is pushing for more ways to make money, it would be sensible to give a chance to this idea that could increase their so desired numbers.

Most of our grievances with some business decisions implemented in the game is how it all feels disconnected to our particular reality as endgamers, but that can also means that somewhere people are really spending some money here and there trying to win big on the many gambling mechanics around the game.

I fear that at some point they might unbalance things too much so new players will be rarer if some practices persist. Also losing some portion of their veterans can also happens without some changes we all consider essential (QoL improvements of many orders) because there is a limit to how good will people have.

Speaking very frankly, endgamers have their own “stockholm syndrome” about their progression and i feel the devs/publisher trusts too much on it so they keep ignoring our plight. But, if the grapes are too out of reach for newish players, and if everything endgamers have to eat are grapes for years, then the moods will obviously get sour…


If it would be up to me, I would just change the class cost from 50 to 1 Gem, after you change at least once for free, every 24 hours. 10 Gems for a class change would also be okay.
Editing a number is not a limitation, but an option that can be freely taken at any time!

I mean, this is so simple to make that it’s just insulting if they refuse to answer it, or worse, have a false excuse why not to change it.

I found out where the code for class change is implemented: