Double VIP point event?

As has been said a few times, there aren’t a ton of great options for late stage players to spend money on today. I think one way to provide an incentive (for these and even for early stage players) would be to have a short window when VIP points would be doubled for purchases. This might help to get some people “off the fence” with a limited-time offer.

I recognize that this might result in “pull forward” where there might be a short term bump at the expense of later purchases, but I think it would be offset by the aforementioned fence-sitters.

Thoughts from the rest of the community? Thanks for reading!

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More points? Meh. I’d prefer there be on offer something worth spending real $$ ££ ¥¥ on first. The dwarf and bunny idea was okay, but not open to either gender. I have the Death Knight armour, and feel that was money well spent.
More items not of a pay-to-win bent but fun, quality of life aspect maybe? For instance, having the best armour in the game, I still spent gems on armour for “fashion’s” sake. A waste? Perhaps, but I like my hero to cover her ta-tas when going into battle.

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Since word has spread about the Deathknight armor it and the Arcane traitstone pack as well as a few of the offers are the only worthwhile real money purchases. With the coming of the soulforge people will not buy those much anymore either. So they need to find some worthwhile purchases for those that like to spend dbl Vip points would be nice, however without a worthwhile purchase it’d be pointless. Maybe the could add actual exsploration of the dungeon features and change the exsplore mode and make it purchaseable content.

They really should take a look at games like Warframe that are masters of the FTP model for some ideas.

What they do:
Weekly, bi-weekly and surprise sales, new items and ‘sets/offers’ pretty much weekly and also a chance for 25%, 50% or 75% OFF coupon you can get for just logging in which drives up sales tremendously.

AND It works I have spent about 5x more on Warframe then Gems of War and mainly it’s due to there is nothing left to buy in Gems that seems worthwhile (now that I’m VIP 8 I’m struggling to buy much of anything anymore other than Path to Glory II for the trait-stones). In my case 2x VIP reward wouldn’t do much I’d need something that I’d want to buy before that promotion would ‘get me off the fence’.



I think Warframe does a much better job b/c they’re much less generous. They’re also able to do a decent business on cosmetics b/c it’s a 3D action game. And b/c it’s PvE it can be totally P2W but no one cares.

Frankly, they’re economy is way better than Gems so they can afford to run sales and give away coupons. Gems would need to remove the Tasks system entirely, then it could do stuff like that.

the 2x vip could possibly convince me to buy the deathknight or lapina pack that im struggling to buy (since its too expensive for me)
but its most probably not worth launching such event just for “unconvinced” “nearly completely f2p” players like me


And you know this how? Have you worked for both of these companies and fundamentally understand their sales and how they compare to one another? What makes Warframe less “generous” than GoW ? They are both “high priced” from my experience. The primary difference is Warframe does put on the sales like I mentioned in my post. How do you know the economy is way better in WF then GoW and they can “afford” to do things GoW can’t. If you don’t work for these companies in the correct departments how on earth can you know any of that with certainty?


I agree wholeheartedly! Aside from the DK armor, there is a severe lack of “value” for money spent in this game, and especially at the lower price points. Here are some suggestions I listed in another thread a couple weeks ago.

For one, Gems need to come down in price significantly. If a 50-pack of Gem keys was $10 instead of $40, it’s a lot easier to pull the trigger and say “what the hell, I’ll try one”.

How about upgrades to the Death Knight armor? Let me pay another $25 to buff my Gold Bonus from +100% to +135%, or another $50 to buff it to +200%. Same for experience and souls. This lets players customize their armor and purchase the upgrades that apply to their interest. Just like with the initial DK armor purchase, include some other things like Gold, Keys, or Gems with each upgrade. (DK armor came with 200 Gems, 40 Gold keys, 30 Glory keys, 20 Gem keys, and 10 Event keys, for reference.)

Daily key packs
These would be along the same line as daily Gem/Gold/Map packs. $5 gets you a pre-determined number of daily Gold/Glory/Gem/Event keys. These should be similar in value to the daily Gem pack ($5 for just shy of $20 worth of Gems) adjusted for the new, cheaper price of Gems noted in my first suggestion.

Smaller Arcane packs
$35 for 36 arcanes isn’t bad value if you need all the types of stones on offer, but how about packs of 5 of a single Arcane for $5? Boost the $35 pack to include 7 or 8 of each Arcane so the bigger spend gives a visible value.

Boost to starting moves for treasure maps
This would stack with the player’s Guild bonus. A lot of high-end players specifically consider maps a slog with poor rewards for the time invested.

Treasure map boosts
These would provide permanent bonuses to various aspects of treasure maps.
-Instead of getting a random traitstone every 15 moves, a boost lowers it to 12/10 moves.
-A boost to Gold earned from treasure maps, that stacks with your Hero’s Gold bonus multiplier.
-Boosts that lower the tiers where certain rewards can drop. For example, instead of needing red chests for a rare shot at a Glory key, they can now drop from green chests! Instead of needing a safe for a rare chance of a Gem key, they can now drop from red chests!
-Boosts that give guaranteed rewards. Hit 100 moves? Congratulations, have 5 Glory keys, or a Gem key.
-A boost that adds a new chest type that has a random chance to take the place of a metal, green, or red chest, and contains keys or a troop relative to the tier of chest it replaced when it spawned.