Viewing Kingdom (Levels & Power) - apply filters for all tabs

I’m talking about “Power” tab. When we see a requirement to complete, we can click it and see troops, or weapons, or pets (depends on what we click). After click we see troops for that kingdom only, or weapons, or pets. But - if we open another tab in this descendant “Troops” view, we see full list of other things (pets, weapons).

I’d like to suggest filter application to all tabs in “Troops” opened from the kingdom menu: for example, if we open any power level requirement in Khaziel, we’ll see all Khaziel troops on “Troops” tab (and Khaziel only), all Khaziel weapons on “Weapons” tab (only from there), only Runepriest class on “Class” tab and all Khaziel pets on “Pets” tab (and only Khaziel pets). Won’t it be logical?


Makes sense, +1.
I’ll add a couple of points:

  • If you’re required to trait troops, sort the troops in the descendant view by Base Rarity.
  • If you’re required to level up troops, sort them by Level (ordering by Rarity could be debatable, thou, since it affects the level cap).

You can already do this. If you go to look at what you need next for your kingdom power, you can click on one of the three tasks and it will take you to that kingdom’s troops or pet or weapons.

Yes, I wrote about it in the first paragraph.