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Access to troops from their Kingdom's main page

For awhile I’ve been frustrated that when wanting to increase Kingdom power I need to exit to the main screen, go to the Troops section, select the dropdown for the Kingdom I want to level up, and then I see the troops pertaining to just that kingdom.
It would be fantastic if I could simply click a tab in the Kingdom page that shows me a filtered list of all my troops from that kingdom. It would save quite a bit of going back and forth when levelling the troops to see if the power level increased enough.

The mechanic for doing this already exists in the game, as Invasion and Raid weeks present a filtered team list automatically from their sections, so I can’t imagine it would be difficult to implement, and it would be a great feature.


It will be available in the next update (in a couple of hours hopefully), on the kingdom’s Power page when you click on any of unfinished tasks you will be directed to the troops menu with that kingdom selected as a filter automatically



Well. That is excellent news. Thank you. :smiley: