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Show Kingdom Power Level in Troop List

Having begun work on increasing my kingdom power levels I’m finding it very cumbersome.

As it is now, I check the kingdom on the map, try to remember or write down it’s current power, switch to the Troop list, filter the kingdom and start dumping souls or traits; all while trying to keep track of the math I’d done previously to gain the next star. Unfortunately, the only way to check if you’ve hit the next level or see where you’re at is stepping back out to the map, and checking the kingdom again.

Having a kingdom power level progress bar on the top of each filtered kingdom on the Troop list would be a really wonderful QOL update.


Best idea I’ve seen for this, its been bugging me for ages.

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I really liked this idea when I suggested it in May ! :slight_smile:

Heh. Either way it’s now in our list! :slight_smile: