Add kingdom power to troops screen

It’s a real pain to switch back and forth between the troops/crafting and the kingdom screen. This could be avoided by just adding the current kingdom power to the top of the troops screen whenever you filter on that kingdom.


I too have this issue. It is hard to tell how much more exp is needed when you are trying to upgrade exactly to the next kingdom star level from far away. Anything within 150 points is fairly easy to remember, but larger gaps of 250+ may require multiple screen jumping just to figure out how much more needs to be upgraded.

I should have thought of that when I suggested my UI change the other day…

I was hoping to find your UI post. I failed to figure out how to search a given user’s posts.

Side note: I tried to send you a private message. Annoyingly the site kept telling me I’d created too many posts and had to wait to create another. Once I waited that time, it told me I had reached my limit. Those warnings should come in the opposite order.

Here it is.