Viewing a Kingdom's troops

When you click on a Kingdom it shows options for “Kingdom”, “Quests”, “Challenges” (and Arena etc for specific ones). My suggestion would be to add another, “Troops”, which would open the Troop menu with it pre-sorted to that Kingdom. This way from the main screen I can see which Kingdoms are close to upgrading power level, click on it, and quickly see the status of the troops.

It’s a small thing, but would be convenient.


I second this, great suggestion

I would prefer this in the Kingdom menu, as accessing this would be used to level troops so that you level your troops to get a star level I guess

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Wonderful idea! This would be a huge quality of life improvement, on par with Tacet’s bars to show progress towards the next power level.

Either this or add a progress bar in the troop menu when troops are filtered by kingdom