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Make kingdom overview cards

It would be really good if there was an overview of the kingdoms similar to the troops overview. You could make cards similar to the troop cards, only with most important kingdom information, “next power level” indicator before all.
The card could have the name of the kingdom, power level, stars, tribute or whatever other information is deemed important. But we should have some way to see kingdom information at a glance, because right now it’s kinda awkward. This way we could click once and see 10-12 kingdom cards at once, instead of clicking each individual kingdom and then search for the information we need.

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Umm… It would be nice if I didn’t have to leave the game and go to the external site to check the in-game information on one screen, don’t you think? Besides, I am mainly interested in having this information available at glance:


Having to check each of the 30 kingdoms individually looking for the one that is next in line for leveling is not funny at all. As for the other information, if Lyya can make those cards, devs most likely can do it too. I would rather having them skip one months of new cards and focus on gameplay quality of life changes than just mass producing cards majority of which most likely no one will play outside the event quests anyway.

What do you mean, at a glance? This amount of information is hard to include ‘at a glance’ without adding an entirely new menu and feature system (like the Troops section as you mentioned), if that is what you mean. :slight_smile:

Once I was thinking that it would be cool if, when we are on the map and chose a Kingdom, there was an option, something like a shortcut, to see all the troops that that Kingdom has. It could be a button that would throw us to Troops section with chosen Filter of specific Kingdom.
For example, I click on Adana on a map, and then we chose Kingdom, and here add a new tab above called Troops, and then we are thrown to Troops section where we see all Adana troops.
Or make a shortcut here:


That feature has been requested before. Hopefully the devs will get around to it someday.

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So would it shortcut to the troops menu and actually go there (with Troops filtered by Adana automatically) or would it be another window/popup on top of the existing window?

Exactly this! I think this would be usefull for many players. ^^

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I get that making kingdom cards would take time, but we have to have some way to asses our kingdoms without having to click on each individual kingdom and having to write on the paper how much more until leveling it. If nothing else, we could have something like we have in inventory. When you go to your inventory you can see at a glance what you have. Only instead of gold, jewels and their quantities you will have kingdoms and their power level. Something like this:

power menu

EDIT: Actually, thinking about it, there should be one more icon where PVP, Games, Guild, Chests etc, which would be called Kingdoms. And there we could have Power level, Troops, Arcane stones etc. So you can see the kingdoms information just like you can see hero information when you click on Hero icon.


I think maybe the request here (backed up by Drazen’s post with actual examples) is to basically do something like the gowdb kingdoms overview but put it in the game rather than externally.

We sort of used to have that on the map screen in the old UI. There was a visible indicator of the stars that had the same shape and color as the stars on the Kingdom Power screen. The kingdom also had a progress bar under it that showed you its progress to the next level. This made the map screen function as a useful indicator of both kingdom power and progress.

The new update changed the star display to have a different arrangement than the power screen and no colors. Complaints that it’s not very identifiable for people with visual impairments have been made. The progress bar is gone, a casualty of making everything more useful.

So we basically want something like the old map screen, but honestly what Drazen did fits the new UI better.