Kingdome scroll request feature


We have all ways of looking at troops and weapons. Now we need a way to scroll through the kingdoms to see what their colors/upgrade cost would be. this would lighten the overload from seeing a kingdom, then exiting to main map, then seeing a kingdom… like the 1.06 troop area.


Or you could just refer to the several guides on the forums that already list that information, like this one:


The guides are great, but should never replace in-game information. Guides should go beyond what can easily be displayed in-game and provide insights or ideas. They shouldn’t just be lists of things that the game developer didn’t include in the UI.

I would love a more “beuracratic” method of maintaining my kingdom. Perhaps a nice fact sheet showing tribute levels, bonuses, times tributed, and so on. Include the ability to upgrade kingdoms from that screen and I have a kingdom interface that really makes me feel in countrol of the realm. Clicking on the name of a kingdom to jump to its detail page would be an excellent feature as well.

I like this idea, but until it happens the guides cover the gap well enough I suppose.