Make kingdom power reqs viewable in game

Right now, I know of two ways to check what the requirements are for a particular level. First, I can hope I have a kingdom one level lower, and can go to the Power tab of the Kingdom menu. Second, I can check the list someone scraped from the game’s files a while back.

It would be nice if there were a way to view any level’s requirements without leaving the game. I propose doing it from this screen:

Make each item in the list clickable, which would bring up a small UI canvas containing just the three requirements for that level. They don’t even need to link to the appropriate menus, or show completion status, like the entries for the current power level do—all I want is to be able to quickly determine where my next roadblock is as I work my kingdoms upward in power level.


I’d rather be surprised by ‘Own two base Mythic troops of X kingdom’ or ‘Feed two pets of X kingdom and race to level 20’, than knowing that beforehand. :joy:

Would be great if they made the info available in game. In the mean time here is the kingdom power reqs for those uninformed