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Kingdom summary page severely needed

There needs to be a summary page of all kingdoms like a spreadsheet. It needs to show the status of quests, challenges, level and power. Even better if it would show whether or not you have the required stuff to level up or increase power. It takes a ridiculous amount of time clicking through them all to check the status, one at a time


Use GOWDB’s Collection page. The game absolutely needs this, but use this in the meantime.

This Firefox add-on, Gems of War Task Analyzer, adds even more detail including exactly what you want. I have Firefox installed only so I can use this. Description and image:

This add-on lets you easily see which kingdom power levels you can reach right now. It enhances the excellent gowdb.com collection page to show an overview of all your tasks in one compact, sortable table. It calculates which troops you have the traitstones for and highlights tasks that can be completed immediately (and which troops to trait). It also shows the minimum amount of souls you need to finish “level X troops” tasks. As a bonus, it previews the next power level’s troop-related task as well.



Yes times a million for the in-game suggestion. Going in and out of Kingdoms to check various things (e.g. requirements for power levels) is awful.


I asked about it circa 2 years ago.

They’ve forgotten what QoL is, obviously.


QoL doesn’t directly make money.


no, but faulty programming and game design can cost them money