Lost the ability to see all the kingdom power levels on the map

with the new design we have lost the ability to see all of the kingdom power levels
at one time on the map display.

if you cant put the power level back, at least make a kingdom page so that we can see
all of the power levels at the same time.

this is important when trying to bump up kingdoms that are very close to increasing in power levels.

its way to painful to have to click on each one individually to check their current power level

Do you mean the old ‘progress bar’ in the kingdom name box?

Else I don’t understand the request, as power levels are shown with stars as before. Admittedly with a daft system of coloured stars that’s really unintuitive.

@xamax I think what you really want is in the image below. Register your account at http://gowdb.com and bask in the amazing world of what @Lyya has put together for GoW fans.


Yeah, I mean the old progress bar in the kingdom name box.
it would show you quickly which kingdoms were getting close to going up a power level.

either way … I would like a city management screen built into the game.
its too cumbersome to go into and out of 30 different kingdoms.

i do like the gowdb.com stuff, it was an amazing job.
but I would prefer the above in the game.

I had to look at some old map screens on Google image and have to say that I had no idea that there was actually a progress bar built into the kingdom name box.

When I was actively working on my kingdom power levels, I used an external spreadsheet to track my progress and calculate how many troops/levels/traits it would take to get to the next power level. The progress bar would give you a hint, but wouldn’t be that helpful overall in my view. With the way the formula steps down value after 10 troops/30 traits/200 levels, it just doesn’t convey enough information to actually inform decisions.