In Troop Filters, please add "Kingdom" to the Order list


Hi there,
Would it be possible to add “Kingdom” to the list of options by which to order our troops?
Yes, I’m aware there’s a filter for selecting a specific kingdom, but when the Daily Tasks are “Use 3 Monsters” and “Use any 4 troops for the same kingdom”, it’s easy to select the Troop Type filter and set it to Monsters, but then to figure out which kingdom has 4 Monsters, going through the list of all the kingdoms one at a time is a long and annoying process.


I agree that this would be a very useful filter.


Sort by kingdom.


A similar thing I’d like to see implemented is a second “type” filter, so that you could figure out quickly what is both a Knight and a Beast, for instance.


You can’t. That’s the feature request.


I know, and in three words and its not a filter.