Remember last used Troops filter

A simple box that could be ticked to remember the last used filter would be nice, as would be the option to set the current filters as the default. When I focus on traiting/levelling up a specific kingdom’s troops or a couple of troops from that kingdom, I’d like it to remember which kingdom I was filtering it by last.

I can’t remember the last time I sorted anything by card name as I prefer to sort by rarity. It’s evident from the existing posts in this subforum that everyone has a different idea of what the “obvious” default filter settings should be, so why not just leave it up to the users themselves?


I only ever sort by kingdom or by uprgadeable, otherwise I leave the default name thing in. However, when traiting troops and farming for arcanes, just quickly opening the troop menu and be back at the to-be-traited troop to check how many I still need would be also so much faster than scrolling through the hero inventory. So yes, I definitely approve of this.

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This is a really good idea but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

IDK what it is, but the devs have had a lot of trouble making the Troops screen work in a way that doesn’t drive some segment of the user base crazy.

Not that they haven’t tried-- In the year I’ve been playing there have been at least 3 distinct Troops page UIs… and believe it or not the current one is the best of the bunch!