Troop filter/sort


Continuing the discussion from Weapon filter/sort:

Just as it’d be helpful to filter weapons by color and possibly sort them, I think having the same option for troops would be terrific. This would help a lot with team building. I don’t think it’s anywhere near as important as it would be for weapons, but the utility is clear.

Unlike with weapons though, I do think the current sort (alphabetical by kingdom, then sorted by rarity) is pretty good. Having other ways to sort would be nice, but filters alone would still be very welcome.


As a newer player, being able to filter out all troops at Level 1 would be great, because the only cards I have above Level 1 are the ones I’m actively using in battle.

Sorting by level would achieve a similar effect, but might make particular troops harder to find.

Clearly this filter would become less useful the longer you play, but for new players this would make rebuilding teams much quicker.