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TROOP Listing & Filter - Requested Fix

Navigating through the troop listing is much more difficult than it needs to be. I wish there was a scroll bar (there was before the “update”) that you could drag that would make it easier to move down the pages of troops. Or a least let us be able to use (and hold down) the page up or page down keys. I know you can drag 1 page at a time but that is difficult to do and slow. So that just leaves the mouse wheel. For those of us with hundreds of troops that is so time consuming. PLEASE FIX THIS - or at least give us back what we had before the latest “improvements.”

When I initially saw that you could filter by two colors I thought finally an improvement. But I was hoping for being able to filter by troops ONLY USING BOTH colors - what I see is troops using either color - virtually worthless. How is that an improvement?

PLEASE make it easier to find our troops not harder.

For the record I am level 1120, have 395 troops and have played for over a year.

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I second everything you say.

I might add that playing full screen on pc a “page” of troops makes a grand total of 8 troops.
There are large areas of space at the left and right of the screen doing nothing.

Also: when you click on the useless letter at the right of the cards, it disappears. Why? It’s supposed to do something?

Also also: since we can use a typical PC feature such as the mouse wheel, it might be nice to use another typical PC feature and type the name of a troop, ot at least its initial letter.

You can! :slight_smile: Select the colours you want and then right under the colours, select “All Colors” instead of “Any Color”. That will should you only troops that use all of the selected colours. Really handy!

I agree on the scrolling though, especially since we can only order things one way. Eg. yesterday I was looking for my lowest level troops, so I had to order them by level and then scroll aaaaaaaall the way down before I found them. A real drag!

Thank you for your most helpful reply! I would have thought the descriptions of “BOTH Colors” & “EITHER Color” would have been much better than ANY or ALL but that is just my idea. Members of my guild had the same question as I suspect others might.

It cannot be “both/either colors” because you can select three or more.