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Please add "Newest" to troop search

When doing a troop search I would find it soooooo useful if, under the “Order” dropdown, there was a “newest”. When you’re getting new troops (eg, when there’s a new kingdom), I don’t remember their names or colors. And the number of troops we have makes it arduous to paw through. Many thanks if that can be done!


Perfect idea. Simple but exactly what would help. I would like this as well. Get a bunch of keys and get a new Mythic, only thing I remember is the Mythic. A few days later I accidentally see a new troop that would have shown up under NEWEST search.

I’d like to see this feature implemented as well :slight_smile:

Yes, I like this idea. I have recently found myself wishing there was a reversed Level order selection as well, so instead of scrolling all the way from 20 to 1, it’s just ordered 1 to 20 instead.


This would be nice addition, also a “bounty” troop type option would be good too.


Text search works for that one. At least until they add a troop named “Bounty Hunter”, or an unrelated trait with the word “bounty” in it.


You can type “bounty”, “tower”, or “Boss” to find those specific troops.

I realise you can type it in, but a filter option would be good no?


Yup at least on console cause typing is laborious on console


On the subject of filters I would also love it if the filter would remember if I back out.

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