Please make bounty troops searchable in a drop down menu

As the title says, “bounty” should be its own category in a drop down menu somewhere. Perhaps under the roles section.

I understand bounty is a searchable trait but there is an entire mode dedicated to the concept of that trait. If I could select it from a drop down menu then I would be able to refine that search with text.

Please consider making this change. Thanks


I think making “bounty” a troop role would be the easiest solution.

It would actually make the troop role feature useful for veterans. I hope that newer players actually get a use out of it currently.


I know the OP said they are aware of the search feature. If you want to maximize your laziness, the three-letter search term “tyh” returns all bountyhunter troops, and only bountyhunter troops.


I agree that bounty should be a troop type to be seached on and I just use the search both and put in Bounty and that works. Another thing that should be added is another drop down based on traits, tired of having to type out empowered to search for it, I am getting lazier if that can be believed.

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Being able to choose Bounty troops and traits would be a helpful addition to those of us who play on primarily on the consoles. Having to type out empowered using the controller is frustratingly slooow.

I hadn’t thought of searching for bounty by just ‘tyh’, so thank you for that tip!

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It was a poor choice of words on my part. If you want to optimize your use of search, you can find all bountyhunter troops with three characters. This is how I search for them on iOS.

For your information: it also works when you type BOU in the search box :wink:

Why type 3 when you can type 2? :man_shrugging:

(Still isn’t what the OP wants)


True, but I have to roll my face further around the keyboard to do that. A nifty nose-roll is all that is required for t-y-h.