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Add sort by troop type and trait stone names in explore mode!?

I’d like to see these features added. They would be helpful to me and I’m sure most people. Trait stones are hard to see exactly which one each kingdom provides so I think just adding text in there somewhere would be much easier to see. when sorting to make teams it would be very helpful to see all a certain troop type I have together rather than look through my entire collection.


ive seen people say just put that in the search and you get all the “elves”… but you also get the things that do extra damage against “elves”…

original rarity is another sort option and reverse… the only reverse we have right now is z to a.

Yes this frustrates the hell out me. With new troops being added and some troops skills being updated it’s difficult to look through them all. I don’t know why this hasn’t been done.
Oh and if you’ve ascended a Troop to mythic then if you pick up extra troops should maybe be an option to auto disenchant rather than have to click onto each troop type and do it.

if they arent there already, should put this on the qol post (quality of life) :slight_smile: