Troop filter by Most Used/Least Used

How awesome would it be to be able to filter your troops by most used to least used (and vice versa)? We could have our favorites up front, or we could cycle through our forgotten favorites that we have not used in years up front. What do you guys think?


Love it! I’ve always wanted ‘Recently Owned’ or similar, as well, so that you can skip to the Troops you just pulled from a bunch of chests (particularly when newer) or go back and reminisce about the Troops you started with :stuck_out_tongue:.


Nice idea. At the very least there should be a way to ‘favorite’ troops to keep them at the top like people have been asking for forever.


I’ve posted several times about something similar. I would like the option to select cards I never use and simply hide them. So they could be toggled on or off the same way we can choose to show or hide the unowned troops.

Seriously how hard would this be to implement:
-select troop, a Hide button appears next to upgrade button
-select Hide and the troop is given unowned status so it no longer appears in the troop selection as long as the filter Show Owned is active, then rename the Unowned filter to Unowned/Hidden, viola
-if you want the troop back in the owned list, simply select the Unowned/Hidden filter, select hidden troop and hit the Show button that will appear instead of Hide button

A decent programmer could do this in an hour and we really need this, same could be done for weapons since we have so many low tier or useless ones that just get in the way. With 780 troops to go through this filter isn’t just useful its necessary.