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Please please do it

Please give us a hide feature so we can hide troops we never use. My 800 plus would probably be 200 if even that. Please consider this.


and how would you like to achive that?
game should decide automaticaly or something more manual like maybe marking usefull troops and adding a filter “marked by player” ?

Have option to show/hide troop. If you select hide then every troop would highlighted so you can select which troops to hide. It would almost be like unowned they would be greyed out until you change option.

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A filter option for most used would be preferable.

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A filter for “Most Used” could show troops which are from an out of date meta (or even non-meta that were fun to play):

While newer obtained troops such as Zuul (19) and Queen B (22) might be harder to find.

A filter for Medal troops might be a better solution, although I haven’t put medals on many of my favorites. And some might have given medals to more than just their favorites…

If the devs can’t add a toggle to weapon traits, they may not be able to toggle favorite troops either. But I would like to have the Peasant and other unused troops forever banished from my sight.

Or a “favorites” button + filter. Been requested many times.