Adding favorites option for troops and weapons

Sorry if this is a repeat request.

Would it be possible to add a favorites option for troops and weapons. Obviously every troop has its purpose, but there are some troops and weapons that we use more then others. So it would be nice to have a favorites option to keep those troops and weapons at the top. Love leveling up all the weapons, but it makes it a pain to find the ones you actually use.


Completely agree, it is frustrating trying to cycle through hundreds of cards looking for one in particular. We all have our “goto” cards, why not make it easier to get to them?

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This would be a great feature addition.

Not thinking it’s a bad idea when I say this
Just stating the other side

If it’s one of your favorites, I’m sure u know fast ways to get there, whether just hitting the button to page thru letters, or isolating kingdom, race, or colors

It’s a good idea, just not sure if there’s any real need for it
Also u might come up with different ideas when u glance at other troops, so u may stifle your own creativity