Favourite Troops

I would like an option to mark a troop as a favourite and have ‘Favourites’ as a sort option to show these troops at the top. Allows you to ‘bookmark’ what troops you want to level/trait or troops you enjoy using in teams to find them faster.


I would love, love, love to have this feature. It would save some time if I could have a page of just the troops I have in my mental queue to level or trait up.

I don’t think my screen is big enough to accomodate favorites.



That said I like the idea.

Great, great ideas. Thanks for posting the video.

It would instantly put Orion, Kerberos and any common inside this catecory.

…Yeah, I couldn’t hold myself :smile:

Surely you only have one favourite anyway…

EDIT: and +1 to the idea, btw…!

Tyri is my favorite especially since the map update that gave her that sweet spell.

I vote for implementing this feature. Now we have about 800 troops and you only use 50 of them.
I would like to see it as another option besides show owned/unowned troops.

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Perfect example of a feature players have been requesting for years…

Any attempt to make it happen? Nope…

They thought the “Troop Role” feature was a way of fulfilling the spirit of the request while also making it easier for newbies to team build.

They were wrong.

I also would love to see this option in this game.

In the past I would only buff up my favourite troops to keep them up top with the sort on level option. But to level up your kingdoms you’ll have to buff up a lot of troops you’ll (propably) never want to use.

This makes is hard to track down good troops you don’t use at a regular base.

It would be even better if you could rate your troops. for example 1-5 stars or a score of 1-10.