We need a favorite Tab for Troops!

Ok…As you get further along in the game, You will easily have 600 plus troops as you pass level 1000. We need a favorites tab to store favorites that we can quickly access. Yes, we have team slots but they aren’t the same. I do have teams of course but we need a way to place “good” cards for future use and quickly go through them.


Good idea!

Great idea

Excellent idea.

I’d like this, but also a ‘Recently Obtained’/‘New’ ordering filter and potentially even custom tags/categories for troops (has been mentioned somewhere else, can find it later if relevant).


I personally like the player’s-tag-their-own-cards idea (I think @Shimrra posted a thread requesting it?), and I think it could largely be implemented if the “troop role” tags that no one likes were both toggle-able and able to be renamed by the player.

The devs could even have their cake and eat it, too: make the current labels the defaults (just like guild ranks) whilst allowing the players to choose for themselves to change if they want


We could also use the option to exclude or hide troops that we don’t want to appear, even if we write certain words.

IIRC I put a good picture in someone else’s request thread. I’ll find it. Done.


Would certainly make life easier! Especially in delves that the filter doesn’t work so well, since the delve colors are locked in

That too also a lock-in card just in case you accidentally scrap a card.