Add cards to favorites + show/filter favorites

Hi guys,

I think it would be nice if I could mark cards as “favorite” on the troops page.
For example, by adding a little crown icon you can click next to the chat icon in the top right corner of a troop info page (level up/ascension/etc), or by adding a “favorites” button next to the “crafting” one (more work though probably).

That same crown icon could then be shown between “show all” and the chat icon on the troops page.
Clicking it would toggle between showing all cards, or only favorite cards.

On the cards themselves (on the troops overview), you could put the little crown at the top middle, or have them have slightly different background/rim for the box containing the name of the card.

So why am I asking this?
Well, for one, I currently have 5 teams named “- Upgrades 1/5 -” filled with cards I’m working to fully trait.
Which means I’m down 5 team slots, plus I have to click each card in each team individually, to see if they are traitable now.

It would also be nice to have for quickly changing in/out often used cards into a team.

Kind regards,