Adding a New Permanent Filter to troop menu - Manually Hidden Troops and Weapons

Here is something we could use, the ability to select all the low level, rarely or never used troops and weapons and set them as hidden from normal troops selection. Just the way we have the ability to show owned, un-owned and all, it would be great if we could add troops we don’t like to a similar list.

The reason is simple, I currently have 543 troops and 170 weapons, and the list is growing fast. Making the process of building new teams a real pain in the butt. Invasion, Raid, Bounty, Vault all regularly introduce new troops which are completely useless except maybe for those specific challenges and afterwards will probably never be used again. Even with the use of specific filters like type, color or spell, the list of possible troops is still huge making it difficult to find what you need among all the useless ones. I can think of about 100 troops I have not used since a thousand levels ago and can’t imagine adding them to any team since I have so many better alternatives available. Same is true of low level weapons that no one uses since there are better options that do the same thing plus much more.

So an option to manually select individual troops and permanently hide them from view would be perfect. It certainly would make the task of building new teams and trying new troop combos a lot more enjoyable, without the need to apply a ton of filters and still flip through many pages looking for a useful troop. This way, every troop you look at is one you consider potentially useful.


Or, like, a favorites list to move certain troops to the top of every sort and to be filtered to directly to with the owned/unowned/show all box.


Or go to and import your collection.

Then like (heart) the troops you want to concentrate on and sort them to the top.

That’s handy but it’s not a replacement for the functionality requested here. We shouldn’t need a third party workaround instead of good functionality in-game…

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