Now that we have ingots

I love the ingots, and making our weapons do more for us. However. We seriously need a better search. For example, what weapons are epic, or rare, or legendary? What weapons need only 1 ingot or 4 to get to the next level?

PS. Yes, I know we can search by level, but I really dont want to have to scroll through a hundred items to find what I’m looking for.

There’s a rarity filter in the Order section:


Yep. And then I have to scroll through hundreds of weapons. I’d like something like the color filter. Just show me the “ledendary” collection.

I agree that, in general, sort order PLUS a filter would be nice.

I keep getting tasks that want me to level a troop to 16. It’s an OK deal, I usually get more souls for the task than I spend leveling the troop. So I want to find my Level 15 troops. To do that:

  • I sort by Level.
  • I scroll past 256 level 20 troops (64 rows)
  • I scroll past 100 level 19 troops (25 rows)
  • I scroll past 18 level 18 troops (4 rows, neat lineup)
  • I scroll past 5 level 17 troops
  • I scroll past 1 level 16 troop.

So I have to scroll past 94 rows to get to the first troop eligible for the task. That’s almost 50 dang taps to complete one task. You know what I’d like to do instead?

“Search for level 15 troops”.

Similarly, it’d be nice to not just sort by Base Rarity, but maybe “just show me Commons”, etc. It’s kind of sophisticated, but I’d sure like it every now and then.

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I believe the filters are working under the assumption that you know, more or less, what kind of weapon or troop you are looking for. We already have Type, Rarity, Kingdom and Colors and while i’m not against any further improvements where is needed i think this request would be waaaaay low in the priority list since we have a pretty decent filter already.

But anyway, if you think it’s relevant to ask for a specific filter that says “A weapon that sounds like a duck” feel free to ask for it. And by the way i support any future weapons that sounds like a duck. Sounding like a rubber chicken is also desirable.

Ascending vs descending would be nice and convenient too


Sort by ‘Upgradeable’ and all your troops you can level will be at the top of the list.


In the “Feature Request” thread for 3.5, I asked for an up button that would loop you from the top of the ordered list to the bottom. This is basically the same thing, and was put on the list by Cyrup.


That certainly does not work with me. To test this out, I searched for my Sister Superior troop, freshly ascended to Legendary and still at Level 18. Sorting by Upgradable does nothing to it. I still have to wade through my troops alphabetically to find it. (plus roughly 60+ traitable troops, since I no longer feel pressured to trait troops I don’t use if they don’t immediately help my kingdoms)

(also the Ascendable & Traitable filters when using Upgradable seem to be off? :woman_shrugging:)

But if you are looking for Sister Superior, you should/could have used the name of the troop. The odd interpretation i get from these requests is: “I want the filter to have an one button to read my mind and find my stuff.”

Like, you could have used Upgradable and select Green and Yellow All Colors (which means that the filter will show only the troops that have the colors selected while Any Color means the filter will show all troops with any of the colors selected) and your Sister Superior would near the top, but still following the alphabetic order in case there are enough Green/Yellow troops not fully upgraded. But then you could select the type Human and it would help the search, but the name would be the quickest way.

Again, the filters works assuming you know what you are looking for and assuming you know how to use them.

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Yes, of course, it’s fine if you know what you’re looking for. But I was just using that troop as an example; in the past when I was levelling up all my troops to max, they were all over the place level-wise. I didn’t know who was what. All I could do was: sort by level, and scroll down to the very bottom, and because all my level 19/20s were at the top it took a while to get to where I wanted.

And as a bonus, what happens when you max out a troop at the bottom of a level sorted list? It gets automatically sorted back up the top with the 19/20s, taking you with it, meaning you have to scroll down again for the next troop to max out.

That can be improved, as Grundulum already mentioned it’s on the list of improvements to make a “Jump to the bottom” button/option. Some people will, still, need to learn more about how to use the filters because some troops/weapons may end up in the middle and the player would still need to scroll up or down.

Now you are starting to list issues not related to a poor use of the current features. A possible solution could be an option to be enabled, a simple box to be marked with a click, allowing you to remain at the same roll of troops unless you scroll down. On consoles it would probably use a button as shortcut instead of using joystick movement.

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I don’t know if this was mentioned, but on console, the bumpers skip to the next criteria. Ex: search by rarity and the bumper skips from mythic to leg. I use it often to check on which troops need to be leveled up or still need ascensions.

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I feel like we’re getting off-track here. I agree with everything you’re saying, and hearing that it’s on the list of improvements is good. I was simply refuting the fact that sorting by Upgradable helps with under-levelled troops as claimed earlier.

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But that’s mainly the point. A poor use of any tool doesn’t means the tool is bad in the first place, the problems listed by the OP can be sorted out if the player knows that he/she is looking for a “Weaponized Rubber Chicken” or the “Vengeful Sword of Ducks” and how to use the many filters we have to help finding it.

Also, it takes only 24 clicks to sort all weapons in the game IF you don’t use any filter at all and just go scrolling down the weapons you also DON’T own. Hardly a chore, but it can easier if the person knows how to use the many options of filter we have.

Actually the order is something like “can ascend”, “can trait”, “can level”. They’re at the bottom, unless you’ve really worked hard on maxing everything.

I just want a button that does exactly what I want, when I want it and require no further adjustments each time. All in one click? Is that too much to ask for?


Note: troops that are not fully traited get mixed in with fully upgraded troops if you don’t have the traitstones to buy their next trait. Kind of a bummer if you are trying to figure out which Runic/Arcane stone to hunt for next. This would be another thing I’ve asked @Cyrup for.

That’s fixed in the next update, Sheba had a similar issue. That plus some “Jump to bottom” features should cover your concerns.

@Grundulum Can you send over some SS to my inbox so I can be sure I haven’t missed that (so as not to derail this thread)