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Green "Trait Upgradeable" symbol not displaying on troops

Platform, device version and operating system
Steam (PC), Windows 7 64bit

Screenshot or image


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
The green symbol that a troop can get their traits upgraded is not always displaying as intended. In the first screenshot, you can see some Khetar troops. Revenant doesn’t have any trait yet, neither does War Sphinx. But the “+” sign on War Sphinx is there, it is missing on Revenant, despite both needing the same stones.

I then tried to fix by reloading the whole game and look at the result in the second screenshot - I got it the other way around this time.:thinking: (Both times, only Khetar troops are displayed; the first screenshot just has differently arranged troops because I had also displayed unowned troops, which I didn’t do in the second.)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Good question, I only noticed it in the last week happening ever so often - first time with Rowanne - when I heard about the kingdom star revamp and me desperately trying to get as many stars up as possible now. It’s definitely not limited to Khetar troops.

Steps to make it happen again
Unsure. It should be noted, however, that all troops who had the symbol missing despite it being possible to trait them were troops for which I had enough traitstones for some traits, but never for all. So, sticking with the example screenshots: I can afford the first two traits for both Revenant and War Sphinx, but not the third. Really can’t give more info than that. Unsure if it occurs when not using filters, but I can at least confirm that it can occur with any filter used (saw it happening when filtering for kingdoms, colors and even - worst of all - upgradeable troops).

I’ve been seeing this non-display issue, somewhat intermittently. It happens on both iOS and Xbox console. Most recently I had it with the Parrot troop when I noticed it was 32 copies past the number needed for an Ascension Level.

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Glad to finally get a reply from someone on this since it keeps happening. Also interesting that it can also happen to the ascension symbol and on console. :confused: Seems to be a real bug, then.

Thanks for the description and screenshots @Sheba We have a bug report for this so we’ve added the information you’ve provided to it and hopefully it will help us pinpoint the cause of the issue.

@Theicla thank you for letting us know you’ve also had the issue on iOS and Xbox


It may actually be the Parrot troop itself which is bugged when it comes to Ascensions. On XBox yesterday I found my Parrot was 6 copies beyond the point it could be ascended, and it wasn’t showing the Blue Ascension arrow there either.

Hey Sheba

Can you please send through a screenshot of your Unowned Troops list? (unsorted)

Then one SS version of it sorted by Upgradable troops!

Thank you in advance! :rabbit:

Also, in those original screenshots, can you clarify what you were sorting the troops by in each image?

Well, it’s a bit more than one screenshot. :stuck_out_tongue: Also I got new troops by now which I didn’t have when the screenshots above were taken (not sure if I already had Ubastet then, and I definitely got Willow from a legendary task two days ago and didn’t have her before). Also my amount of traitstones has changed a LOT since the screenshots in the first post (I spent a lot).

In the first screenshot, I was sorting Khetar - Show All.
In the second screenshot, I was sorting Khetar - Show Owned.
When I just quickly did that again to make sure I had it the right way around, the symbols were both correctly there on Revenant and War Sphinx. However, the situation is also different from before - I used to be able to get the first and second (but not third) trait for either. Now I can only afford the first trait for both. I still suspect that the bug only occurs when the first and second, but not the third trait could be afforded, as all troops I have seen with this bug had that going for me (untraited, first two traits affordable). Might be coincidence, of course.

Okay, so first the screenshots of my unsorted, unowned troops (3 total):

(EDIT: Upload is bugged for me right now, will try again in a second post. Seems it doesn’t like so many big pictures in one post and just re-uploads the same one over and over now lol).

Trying again to upload the unowned troops sorted by upgradeable.456

And hey, look, some of the signs are not displayed in the unsorted version. :smiley:


This was a widespread, oft-encountered issue for me on iOS. Any time I sorted by “Upgradable”, the first two rows would show the symbol just fine; after that it was a crapshoot. (Unfortunately, I can no longer provide screenshots to prove this. If you want to gift me 3-4 of the mythic troops I don’t already own, or forcibly refund some of my troops, I would be happy to send some screenshots.) Given how often I saw the issue, I am surprised that it isn’t easily reproducible on whatever devices the devs use for personal play.

Edit: if you take the “refund” option, please stick to common troops. It wouldn’t be fun to get into a PVP match and see my Kraken untraited at level 1!

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Thank you so much this is very helpful! Can you please send a screenshot of Abyssinia or tell me how many traits you have unlocked for her?

It’s reproduceable, we’ve only noticed it recently though. And sorry, I cannot send you mythics! Nice try though :wink:

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Okay, maybe you can’t, but how about your boss? (I’m going to wake up tomorrow and find all my legendary troops at level 1 with no traits, aren’t I.)

All Legendary AND Mythic troops (and Guild Guardians for good measure) :stuck_out_tongue:

Just for clarity’s sake the above comment is purely in jest


You’re lucky I’m mired in work right now. The new card layout is easy enough to manipulate in any image editor that I was sorely tempted to adjust some of my mythics down to common rarity, level 1, and untraited—then blame it on you!

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Uhhhhhm… I mean, I can do that, but I obviously have nothing unlocked for her since I don’t own her. So here is a screenshot of my unowned Abynissia?:thinking:

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Woops sorry, I had a brain fart there! :joy:

Better question - do you know if you have the required traits for Abynissia? And if so, how much?

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And here I was being confused at 3am and was like “Am I just not getting it?”:joy:

Anyway, I have right now only enough to unlock her first trait - I am at 1 Arcane Blade and 0 Arcane Spirit traitstones. I do have orbs, though, but I doubt they matter.
Lemme give you a screenshot of all my traitstones, in case you want to look at other unowned troops of mine as well:
I did 11 battles since the troop screenshots yesterday (my daily dungeons today and one pet rescue event) but don’t remember getting any arcanes, so the numbers on those should be the same since then.

There’s obviously a lot going on here. Since even mythic don’t need arcanes to get their first trait upgraded, I should see a LOT more of the green symbols in my unowned list than there are. I can unlock the first trait for ALL of those troops, so they should ALL have a green symbol, right? Not just a few. Even in the “upgradeable” filter version, only five of them have the symbol displayed.

Looking at those five mythics, summarizing the traitstone situation:

  • Abynissia, correctly displayed both times: Not enough of either arcane for even the second trait.
  • Death, only correctly displayed once: Enough of one arcane for all three traits, but literally zero of the other.
  • Gard, only correctly displayed once: Same as Death - enough of one arcane for three traits, but not enough of the other to unlock even the second one.
  • Plague, correctly displayed both times: Enough of one arcane for the second trait (not the third), but not of the other, so only one trait unlockable.
  • War, correctly displayed both times: Enough arcanes to unlock all three traits.

But yeah, the issue that ALL troops should have a green symbol because of the first trait unlockable for all of them remains an issue…

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Thanks Sheba! I’ve added these notes to the information the dev team will refer to for the issue. At this stage I don’t have any new information on the problem but the team will be looking into it soon. thank you for all your help.

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Hello Sheba and others,

This issue has been fixed for the next update; 3.6. As it requires a code change unfortunately we have to wait for a new game version rather than pushing some changes to the server.

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