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More Clarity on 'Upgradeable' Traits Indicator

This is probably a 1%er problem and therefore not hugely necessary, but nonetheless…

The green plus indicator lets us know when we can trait the troop. Works as intended, very well. What I’d like is if this was modified to show us how many traits we could afford on the troop.

To facilitate this, I would suggest (for example) having green pluses in the same spot as the little trait banners on the upper left side. i.e.

  • 0 traits, can afford 1 trait, first slot has a plus.

  • 0 traits, can afford all 3 traits, all three slots have a plus.

  • 1 trait, can afford another 1 trait, first slot has the trait banner, second slot has a plus, third has nothing.

Etc. Or they could be Purple -> Orange -> Cyan pluses to match the banner colors. Who knows.

This also means the green plus can be (not necessarily should be) removed from the top-right corner, where it currently has to share space with the blue arrow of ascension.


Sounds like you want to stop thinking when it comes to Traits and calculating stones needed, which is very simple math.

Realistically speaking, it doesn’t fix all of the ‘issues’ a high-level player would have - such as trying to trait multiple troops at once, which potentially share traitstones.

This would be better for a mid-level player who doesn’t have oodles of everything, but enough to get one or two new fully traited troops every so often.

Also for the similar-level player who doesn’t necessarily know (or remember, or found on the forums) the costs of all the leveling, and so can save them from dumping traitstones to get some scary third trait only to fall short (and maybe get annoyed with the game and so on).

Knowledge is power.

But you’re not entirely wrong, I’m mostly getting kind of tired of looking at my Behemoth (among others) which I can apparently trait, then opening up some window to count Blue/Brown Arcanes (either the troop crafting, or the hero’s collection) and remember, once again, that I am still short of the whole 16.

The purple orange cyan suggestion sounds feasible and useful…

@TaliaParks your comment is unhelpful - @Shimrra is one of our most analytical members and the suggestion could be useful to many people


@Jainus You can do yourself a favour and stop following me around thread to thread, acting like you are some kind of authority

As for back on topic, it’s a change that is completely unnecessary. On a practical standpoint, you be asking the game to do more and more calculations and you are asking the developers to allocate time to something that will have litter to no effect on anything or anyone.

The numbers for Traitstones needed for Traits are fixed, based on the base rarity, therefore easily extrapolated.

Is that “helpful” enough, or are you still going to confuse a negative comment as unhelpful?

Please don’t think that this is personal against you, I happen to read this forum and happen to agree with the OP suggestion. I haven’t been here much recently and certainly have better things to do than single out your posts for my personal disapproval. Obviously I didn’t get to the PVP thread in time to police your posts before you picked a fight with @RiverSong and got the thread closed…

I can see your point that the suggested change is not essential but it would look nice and would be useful to some players… and yes there are perhaps better things for the devs to spend their time on, but it was just a suggestion after all…

Your second suggestion is a more articulate argument for why you don’t support the change; fair enough. The first was rather rude…

You need to go back and read the entire thread, because you got that completely backwards.

This is not my view having re-read the lot, and probably not @riversong’s… who isn’t entirely innocent either… but hey, it’s a forum, it’d be dull if we all agreed on everything… It started with a difference of opinion over how the Maw /Mercy combo worked in games, which forgive me you hardly seem qualified to contradict people about if you’ve never played against them… even @pasa managed to agree with those views, and he/she never agrees with anyone… after a while the debate escalated in small unhelpful steps and no one should be proud of that…

I apologise if you think I am singling you out, which I do not mean to do. I realise I was also inadvertently rude to you about the fantasy series, which I know you put a lot of work into, and for which I apologise again.

Perhaps you would also think some more on how others may read what you write, lest accusations of rudeness or arrogance surface again…

Oh for the love of …


It’s been getting out of hand a bit last day or so.


You know what @Jainus, I’m happy you are willing to discuss issues rather than devolve into fighting and trolling. Thank you.

Also, I apologize to you for being rude.

I’m brash, opinionated and stubborn sure, but when I make comments that go against the meta, I’m looked down upon. I’m honestly sick and tired of the talk of “OP” Troops, and “unbeatable” teams.

It is from my experience that any team can be beat if you think hard enough and (to me at least) anyone making these claims is telling me I can’t win, even if I tried. I will aggressively argue against that every. single. time.

Oh and for the record, the response to the Fantasy Series was lost in translation (internet is great for that). I was trying to be a little snarky, but I wasn’t actually mad or insulted. You even follow the Series and post in the threads, no need to apologize.

'Tiz a good idea that :wink:

Traitstone Search & Sort Feature

How easy to implement it is another matter entirely; looking at the structure (from a Db perspective) it seems designed from the ‘troop’ being the primary key, whereas what I think would actually be more helpful is the traitstones being the key.

So rather than the current “I have a Gloom Leaf let’s see what his trait requirements are…” You would have a “I have an Arcane Beast traitstone show me what troops have this requirement…” etc.

An interim measure to this might be to simply allow the display of all 3 tiers of the troops trait required list in its current form to at least give players a heads up on what the overall investment required might be for their chosen troop(s)

I know that some of this can be gleaned by browsing this forum and the great external user supported sites/wiki etc. but some basic info should really be available within the client itself, especially when you’re potentially making a decision that may represent a few weeks worth of effort (given current drop difficulty of higher stones) for the average player.

Before I get shot down and accused of elitism using the ‘average player’ monicker I simply refer to my own scenario;

My wife also plays a few games a night as it helps her get off to sleep… :sleeping:

She only gets rank 1 PvP every now and then, and very rarely gets the weekly event troop.

This is opposed to myself who try to reach rank 1 on reset day every week and I always buy at least one of the weekly troop (6 this week :grinning:)

Recently she asked me to help her complete her traits for Jarl Firemane and we went through exactly the same discussions on searching stones, filtering choices and how you can be certain of spending your limited stones wisely.

I really would like to see what Shimrra sugested. Its a little thing…but hey, big things are made of those :slight_smile: We are not monkeys, we need to evolve :smiley:

I want to be honest there: That was always exactly my fear when I “advertised” my Underdog mindset. I mean… a guy who looks for weak and/or underrated troops and building teams around it while ignroing all top tier troops… I did not expect much apprecition. But it was better than I expected, no over-the-top hate that I experienced in other games.


Hehe… no hate here… wry amusement at the peculiarities of some people, but no hate… :slight_smile:


I like @Shimrra 's idea. Alternatively/addtionally you could add an in game mechanism to allow people to see the traitstone requirements for “buried” upgrades. (Slots 2/3 when earlier slots aren’t yet purchased.)

The “new poster” timer wouldn’t let me make my own suggestion: a way to show troops whose upgrade would leave me with more than X of the stones needed. The kingdom power mechanic means that you have to upgrade troops you never plan on using. For those of us that are resource limited it is a pain to figure out which troops have purchasable traits that only use stones we have plenty of. Having a filter to show me troops that would leave me with 20 or more stones of the types required would be very useful.