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Show more detail about which traits can be obtained

Currently, when you have enough traitstones for at least one trait, a green plus appears on the card. I’d like to see which is the highest trait that can be obtained, such as with +1, +2, or +3. Additionally, when sorting by “Upgradable”, I’d like to see the +3’s first, then +2, then +1.

This would be very useful for deciding which 2-star kingdom to work on upgrading next. With how kingdom power levels work now, I’m not about to waste traitstones on only the first or second trait. It’s all three or not at all.

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Sometimes you don’t even need the third trait to make a troop effective. I never bothered putting the third trait on Raganagord as an example. Use the traits for the power they give the card, not just to add a star to a kingdom

Instead of how it currently is, like so:

I think something like this could suffice:

Forgive my crudeness for the icons, but @Neffy could do it justice.


Asap… Turn this counter on. Thank me later for it.
Can this be clicked on by default for all players? It breaks my heart every time I find a player who doesn’t even know about it.

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He’s not talking about mana or spell cost counters. He was talking about the little icon that appears on the Troop Hub that indicates whether or not a troop can be upgraded by unlocking one of its traits.

My suggestion was to you. Not to him. Your photos didn’t have the Mana counter in them.

Oh. Those images were just pulled from Google and I simply edited them. Trust me, I have my mana-counter turned on.


I like Arcemius’ suggestion for displaying which traits are upgradable, thanks for the suggestion @kraiwolf I’ll add it to the other list of feedback/ideas!

Might be tricky as the team may then need to reconsider where to place the upgrade symbol, stylistically that’s why the trait upgrade symbol was shown there.


The idea of informing which traits is available to craft is good, but like you said, the position where the notification should stay the same, as the upper-right one is much easier to see than actual place of traits.

My idea is, keep notification at the same place, but changing color of it, as right now trait-upgrading is always green. New colors of that icon would now reflect the highest trait available (purple plus icon for first trait, orange and light blue for second and third one). Acension icon is always dark blue, so there would be no conflict.

What about something like that?


This is more or less what it ends up looking like on mobile. No dice.


This feature is a neat idea, but a minefield of accessibility problems. Probably a better implementation would be some kind of indicator where the traits would be if you had them. I don’t know though, it’d be kind of noisy and already most of these elements are very difficult to see against busy card art.

Are you still using that iPhone 4s. I’m going to buy you a 5c.

It’s an iPhone7. While phones are generally getting taller, they aren’t getting a heck of a lot wider. I looked it up and the width difference between a 5c and 7 is about 1cm, with the 7 being 6.7cm total. As a side note, the original troop card image is taller than my phone in landscape orientation.

1cm goes to the “Troops & Teams” bit. Then 5cm gets divided between two rows of troops, with about 20mm reserved for some padding and the count. That means each troop card gets a whopping 2.1cm to display. It looks cool on a screenshot because on the iPhone, that’s a few hundred pixels. But then your image gets displayed at a web-friendly depth like 72ppi so the picture that WAS 2.1cm ends up looking like it’s 8 or 9cm tall.

The widest iOS phone is the 8+ at 7.8 cm. The cards probably end up more like 3cm on that. Still pretty dang small.

(Also: the 4S and 5C, if I remember right, were as wide as each other. Your joke would’ve worked better if you offered to upgrade me to the Samsung Galaxy Note.)

That was the joke! They were almost identical.

I’ve played on a phone, and I’m not sure how you do it for any period of time. It drove me crazy. I don’t even understand how they can develop for mobile with a game with so many details. I will continue playing on a 27" monitor so I clearly see every time I lose in full stunning detail.

Technically you can play faster on a phone than a tablet because you don’t have to move your fingers as far. I’m not sure about relative speed compared to mouse cursors, different sensitivities and your own motor skills can add a lot of variance to that.

In the end, for this particular topic, I’m never really shopping around for “what can I trait”. I wouldn’t fight against this feature, but UI elements that tiny are invisible for phone players.