UI improvement - teams containing upgradeables

When I open a bunch of chests or get a bunch of traitstones I usually check if some of the troops I use are upgradeable. It would be nice to implement those little green/blue arrows that are show on the cards to also be shown on the teams.

Say I got 3+ teams I regularly play with, it would be nice to see the little arrows on the lefthand menu to see if any team contains a troop that is upgradeable, so you could easily see if a team can be improved. Hope you get what I meant =P

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I think it would just be easier having a search command in the troop menu. I try to keep all my troops max ascended regardless of if I am using it in a team or not. There could also be a search command added to see which troops are available for traitstone upgrades.

In the current format, I have to scroll through all 150+ troops just to check for the both of them.

There’s a new Sort option called Upgradable. It filters the troops with ascension and traits available first, then those with traits, then ascensions, then no upgrades.

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but certainly much better than scrolling through your whole list.