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Show upgradeables in "Troops"

I’m re-posting this here from Steam discussions, because I’ve been advised to do so. Hope it’s ok :slight_smile:

I’ve seen there’s a + sign on the cards that be upgraded. Is that correct?

What I’m missing is the same feature on the left side, where my teams are.

A moment ago, I was looking at my team, and to find out if any of them could be upgraded, I had to go into each one of them, click upgrade and then look for an exclamation. It’s a lot of extra work for something that could be shown on the main screen of the teams.


There is a troop filter for upgradable troops. Click on that little thingy in the right side middle and choose
Order --> Upgradable. It arranges all your troops like this: Ascendable, Upgradable, Other. Then just check if any troop of your respective team pops up.
It doesn’t show troops that can be leveled up, though.

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