Upgradable Troop Sort Suggestion

My last suggestion was a way to manage Kingdoms better, which from the responses I got, apparently has been being ask for, for a long time. Since that doesn’t seem to be a priority. Let’s start with something a little more simple.

When I sort troops by upgradable, why doesn’t it show troops that can have ALL 3 Traits upgraded, then 2 and then 1? Just like clicking through all the kingdoms to check statuses, I have to look through every damn troop to find the ones that can have all three upgraded. Since traits are tied to upgrading kingdoms, can we at least get this fixed? Thank you for your time.

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And same thing for Elite Upgrades, too, and troops that still need to be leveled should also be considered “upgradeable” and be listed in descending order as well, after ascension and trait checks :+1: