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Trait stones needed to upgrade troop visible all the time

Not sure if there is a posting for this but it would be nice if I could see what traitstones my troop or any troop for that matter is going to need for all 3 traits. Currently the only way to find out what traitstones are going to be needed for the 2nd trait is to upgrade the 1st trait. Same for 3rd trait, you have to upgrade the 2nd trait first before you can see what the final trait is going to need. I don’t have all the traitstones for all 3 traits all at once typically, but if I knew what I was going to need I could start saving up for the traits ahead of time instead of wasting traitstones on worthless traits just to see what I’m going to need for the final trait.

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You might find this site helpful. You can look up a troop and find its traitstones.


You can also look up here

I used to look up there every time I wanted to trait my troops or to farm specific arcane traitstone when I was new to this game.

Now I know what traitstone a troop needed or where to farm it by looking at their mana color. Example: any troop with blue/brown mana need arcane shield traitstone. The amount is depends on base rarity of that troop. Legendary need 16 (10 for 2nd trait, 6 for 3rd trait), Epic need 12, etc etc.

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Thanks. Very helpful.

And here a link of a great tool (works on PC only):