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I just posted a feature request and also asked for support in gameplay forums. I’m askimg the devs to make it so that we can see the full traitstones requirements for all 3 traits for a troop in-game. Currently we can only see the requirements of the first trait, and cannot see the requirements for the second and third trait I til we activate the previous one. I don’t think we should be activating traits blindly as the traitstones aren’t easy to farm. And I don’t think we should have to search the web to find out the requirements. So if yiu wish you could see all the traitstones requirements for all 3 traits on each troop in-game, check out my post and show your support.


While the colors will be different for each individual troop, the pattern is the same for all creatures of the same base rarity. Note this was done ling before War came out so it doesn’t include Mythic troops.


Yeah this is great and I appreciate it. But my premise is that I shouldn’t have to poke around on forums or wiki for this info when it can be added as an in-game feature. The info is there… Just want to see it BEFORE I activate any traits.

We can all see your other post. We can “Like” it or reply to it directly there. Why do you feel another post was necessary?

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Sorry, I didn’t know it could be seen so easily. I can de,eye the other post of someone can tell me how

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You can’t delete the topics, unfortunately, but you can edit the titles to indicate people shouldn’t spend time in them.

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