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[NOT A BUG] New troop does not move up in "Upgradable" filter

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Acquired the new NUTCRKR 1225 troop through daily adventures. Then went on into the “Troops” menu, sorted by “Upgradable” and expected the troop to show up at the top, as well as hold the “Levelable” and “Traitable” icon. It only shows the “Traitable” and is not shown with the other troops at the top of the list.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Seems to be happening with freshly acquired troops only.

Steps to make it happen again
Get a new troop (soulforge, events, wherever) and sort the Troops menu by “Upgradable”

This doesn’t necessarily look bugged to me.

The blue ‘upgrade’ icon is for ascension, rather than traits. Since you only have one copy, it will only have the green icon, which applies to both levels and traits.

Troops that are both ascendable and levellable/traitable are shown first (with the dual-coloured arrow), and then the levellable/traitable ones (green arrow), in alphabetical order.

I assume NUTCRKR 1225 would be further down in the list, amongst the (green arrow) upgradeables, but couldn’t see that in the vid.

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Blue arrow for ascendance, green for trainable, but nothing for levellable (I think). Trained and orbed nutcracker to mythic, pressed ok… and it does not show up in beginning (I have no other traitable or ascendance troops)

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Not a bug

@Saltypatra as a late Christmas present can regulars edit title’s again?
I think the idiot that ruined it in the past is no longer an issue.
This would be a great example where a regular could edit a bug report title to include the words “not a bug” (not change the category) to save you some time unless you prefer that they don’t.


Yes that’s completely right, I confused those. Of course there is no blue ascension up arrow to be expected.

So that’s where I was expecting something different: I have three kinds of troops:
a) ascendable, traitable (Genie’s Lamp, King’s Crown, Priest’s Chalice)
b) traitable, levelable (NUTCRKR)
c) traitable. (All the other troops visible in the vid)
As you can see in the video, a) and c) show up just following each other. My expectation was that b) somehow was shown in between.

unfortunately I don’t have that recorded :frowning:

Thank you for linking this. I did mark it as not a bug, think this is still an “unexpected” behaviour and a strong little feature request.


I have most everything levelled and traited, except for some delve troops. When I choose upgradeable, nothing shows up. New troops show up, but delve troops old and new don’t show. Any reason for this?

Do you have a screenshot?

@Jonathan ok three here. One showing me selecting upgradable troops. Second is the results. Third my delve troops which clearly need to be levelled

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