Why is elemaugrim showing as I can trait it?

When I cannot?

Because you can use souls to increase his level.


Look on the bright side, at least you have a copy.

For example: I don’t even have a copy of Abynissia yet the game believes I can trait her up. Its like they are personally trolling me with the upgrade symbol every time I go into the troop menu.


Ah thanks for clearing that up.
EDIT: Okay I’ve not touched levelling it at all or traited to his last trait the icon’s disappeared o.O maybe because I closed and re-opened GoW? :S lol

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Ok, it’s been a while since i paid attention to this as i reached the point of traiting every new troop with the arcanes i can get in the pack (and keep some extras) and increased the level of every troop i have or get* so i admit i could be wrong about the level.

*Not mentioning that in a snobbish way, it’s been honestly over a year since i started. You’ll eventually reach this point. :slight_smile:

Been playing over a year myself and it cleared itself up weirdly enough lol but yeah the green arrow for levelling is definitely not right otherwise all my troops would have it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Then it was a visual glitch probably. Thanks for clarifying and i stand corrected.

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Your welcome and must be just my game playing catch up, but thank you too for trying to help :slight_smile: