Weapon filter/sort

Choosing a weapon takes high-level players a long time. They appear to be sort of alphabetical, mostly, but that’s not all that convenient. A way to filter by colors would be great. Also I wouldn’t mind being able to sort by mana cost.


I support this ith the full required 20 characters to post :slight_smile:

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Yes please. Our at least change the default order so that weapons are grouped by mana color. (Maybe all the dual color weapons together?)

I can think of a few ways this could look.

In the simplest version where it just filtered by color, you could have toggle buttons (appearing as gems) for all six mana colors. Toggling one of those on would show only weapons that use that color; two would show only weapons that use both of those colors.

Optionally, another button could toggle between “All” and “Any”; in Any mode, weapons using any of the colors you select would be shown.

Sorting could be changed by a simple button that would toggle between Alphabetical (that would have to be strict alphabetical, not like what we have now where it seems to group newbie weapons towards the beginning), Mana (by cost), and Color. This would actually be alphabetical, mana,alphabetical, and color,mana,alphabetical. The Color mode is probably moot if you’re using filters.

Two thirds of the weapons are as useful as nipples on man. To be honest I don’t think this is something we need but it wont do any harm either. More than a filter, putting them in order of colors is all its needed. I think we all use the weapon to fill what mana color we don’t have in our comp.

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My thinking with the filter is that 1) it’s probably easier to implement, and 2) a sort alone would still leave the list very large and require a lot of scrolling.

I support this idea, this could be really useful, especially when you’re hesitating between two weapons of the same colours that are very far apart in the screen. I like the idea of arranging them by mana cost too, even though i’d prefer a colour-sorting system.

Can’t wait to share with you all what we’re currently working on… it might be related to this just a little bit… :smiling_imp:

Next update is still a little way off, but when it’s ready, we’ll share some screen shots with you!


Huh, I was kinda hoping that when the update is ready you’d share the update with us, not come, poke your tongue out at us and go "Nyanyanya, we got an update and you not :stuck_out_tongue: " and just show us screenshots



@melkathi, Haha! You got me on that one!

Melkathi 1, Sirrian 0

Next update is still a little way off, but when it’s ready to show off, a week or two before release, we’ll share some screen shots with you!

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That comment just made my day @melkathi ! ^^