Need to add a troop sort option based on troop type


I love all the new sort options for troops, but the one thing missing is an option to sort by troop type (dragon, marauder, etc.). Now that making teams based on type gives bonuses, I find myself hunting for troops of a particular type to compare against what I would normally use, and with all the new/changed types, it’s a bit hard. This would be way easier if you could sort by troop type. Make it so, developers!


You can, you just have to type it in the search box.


Oh, cool, I would never have thought that lol. Thanks!


Question answered perfectly and correctly. Thread locked.


You’re welcome. That’s the first thing I wondered as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


How did you unlock my thread!? Witchcraft!


I know a guy who is only playing on his phone and of course that makes that search box a pain to use. That being said, there are a lot of troop types - do we really want another filter the size of the kingdom one… maybe?


How are you people doing this? I said “thread locked”! Are you all h4ckz0rs? Is this the dark web?


No, we’re magicians.





You can only prove their a witch by weighing them against a duck. I thought everyone knew that.


So the search function does help, but it has issues. E.g., I search “Knight” and I get Grave Knight who is actually an undead. I search “elf” and I get The Silent One, apparently because the word “himself” is in his spell description. So I repeat, we need an official sort option…


I still disagree and think the sort is perfectly fine. In your examples the troop selection has been slimmed down so much that it is a simple matter to discern the troops that fit from those that don’t.


Good to know you can search, but is there a feature on the way for this yet??? Would love to sort them the usual way.


The chances of this happening are slim to none.


I would like to see the ability to select multiple colors to search by