Revisit: sort by troop type


Now that there are so many traits that affect a certain troop type, when searching you get more and more results. Can we please get a troop sort?


Indeed. Before it was at least manageable. Now it’s getting a bit out of hand. I don’t want to search “knight” and get Grave Knight, Skeletons, and whatever else that pull up besides actual Knight-type troops.


You can do that with the search box at the bottom right corner. Just enter the troop type you want and there ya go.

At least it works on the pc platform.


yep. and thats the problem… look up undead… you get things that kill undead you get undead. you look up knight you get things that kill knights and things that are knights.


You’re right. I just tried it. I used keywords from the actual spell. Like “2 enemies” and “adjacent” and got what I was looking for. It seems at the very least the search function needs to be improved. The sort buttons list could grow quite long to fill every sort idea.


At least the search shortens the list to look through. Trying to be positive. Lol.