What about sort troops by type?

Hello everyone. I think need to do sort troops by type, for exapmle sort by Monster, Human, Knight… What do you think about ?

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You can already do that. Just type in the search box the type you are interested and it will filter you out that type of troops. It will also show you troops who have a mention of troop you searched in their traits list.

sry, but i don`t understand where is it? plz can u screen what to do ?

Tap the box next to the magnifying glass, then type in the type of troop you’re looking for. Then tap the magnifying glass.

i`m bad english, can u screen me what to do ? !

if u talk about this, then it`s fake search

It searches the whole card for “Divine.” So some of the troops that are not Divine, have an ability referencing Divine.

The search works great for tracking down different traits too.

thx 4 help, but it really need to do in Sort menu …

Yeah, the search bar helps, but not ideal. For me, it should be a separate filter menu, (like color and kingdoms), instead of sorting. Sorting would only help fo the first troop types that show up. The rest would required tons of scrolling down…

i agree with u

Yup, searching for the word “Divine” shows both cards with the type “Divine”, but also cards with the traits “Divine Slayer” or “Divine Bond”.

By the way, I believe you meant to FILTER the troops, not sort them.
(sort will change the order of the cards, filter will hide all cards that doesn’t match your criteria).

ofc filter ) like i said - bad eng ^^

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I really need a search option that searches for 2 specific mana colors, rather than 1 mana at a time. The current method shows 10s of unneeded troops. The only way to search for it properly atm is to use the find function on the troop page on the website. xD

True that
A real pain in the neck when trying to find new deck ideas and you are looking for that one card that would use a mana olor you don’t use and another you are likely to overfill on…