Sort by Rarity is kinda useless now

This is really more of a “feature modification request.” So now that you can increase the rarity of your troops, sorting them by rarity is totally skewed. I no longer have common troops, so there’s no single place I can look just to see all the single-mana-type troops any more; they’re all spread out among Rare and Ultra Rare troops, and eventually everything will become Mythic (assuming I live that long, lol). So I think we need a re-working of how this sort option works, such that it sorts by the base rarity, not the current, Ascended rarity. I mean, there are pros and cons both ways I suppose, but in theory everyone is moving toward having all troops become Mythic, decreasing the usefulness of sort-by-rarity over time, so it seems to me the pros of a re-working outweigh the cons.


+1 to this! @sirrian @Nimhain?

The only sorting option I use since the patch is by Upgradeability

But that only works for ascension and traits, not for level upgrades. Kind of a broken/incomplete sorting option, IMHO…

Already proposed by @Shimrra:

Sort troop by base rarity. I think that would be a great idea.