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Sort by Trait in Troops Screen

Not sure if this has been asked already (probably has) but is there any chance we could get a sort by trait category in the troops screen?

How would you expect this to function? Would each troop be listed three times?

I imagine it would work like the tag option, which while not a true trait sorter, is a decent workaround for now.

We can currently search by trait, and I think that might be the most we can hope for. The trouble is knowing the name of the trait, or the exact wording.

Simple really, add a sort criteria drop down that has the traits listed just like spell effect sort dropdown. Why would troops be listed more than once? Each troop has three traits but you can only sort for one criteria at a time (colour, level, specific spell effect, etc.) as it is now.

Same as with spell effects. A drop down with the names of the traits.

You said “sort,” not “filter.” I thought you meant “sort.”

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Glad we got that sorted out. Perhaps we need better filters on the forums.


I would like to filter by “immune to devour” because there are a few traits that grant this and if filtering by traits (by typing it into the search bar) you have to do each one.

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I hope you can forgive me for speaking so terribly unclearly and not using everyone’s preferred terms :laughing:

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If you mean a Trait “filter” option, we used to have that before the New/Current UI. I rather miss it and would like it back.

The Search Bar is just okay. Sometimes it’s search results aren’t exactly what you expect and using it on Console is just annoying and clunky.

If I want something with “Water Link”, for example, I would rather just click on a drop down menu and select it myself. After a time, they finally gave us back the ability to search spells by its type/effect, so I’m hoping we get the one for Traits back too.

To be honest, I don’t understand why they removed either of them, in the first place, they were quite handy. But, what do I know? I’m just someone who’s played this game, day in and day out, for years

** shrugs **

It is actually important to understand the suggestion you are trying to give!

Please confirm if you mean “sort” (i.e you want to see Traits listed in pre-determined order once Filter is applied) or “Filtered” (i.e a list like Troop Type, you can select the Trait and all Troops with that Trait appear!).

Pardon my imprecision. I mean filtered. Being able to select the trait from a drop down list and have all troops with the selected trail only appearing in the list. I.e., I want to see only troops with the “Stoneskin” trait listed.

Hope that clarifies what I am asking. Didn’t mean to fuzzify the muddification into obscurity :slight_smile:

OK! Thanks for clarifying.

I wouldn’t mind seeing what others think of this idea of enabling an option in the Troops menu to Filter by Trait (e.g. like you do with Troop Type).


My head was full of cotton wool the day I posted this. Great idea in my mind but my translation modules and my fingers were offline and I was babbling somewhat incoherently and typing equally as poorly.

I think this might be a really good option for newer and mid/end game players who don’t have troops memorized or are prone to days where their heads are filled with cotton wool. :smiley:

I don’t know how useful this really is. There are over 100 traits in the game, and even filtering out unique ones there are a dizzying number of traits, many of which have unintuitive names. If anything, a broader classification of role (traits and spell) like “Skull Damage Reduction,” “Skull Damage Evasion,” “Converts or Creates Red,” “Deals True Damage,” “Targets All Enemies,” “Devours” would be helpful in team building. After all, when team building you don’t want a “Stoneskin” troop specifically, you want a tank.


True, some of the traits could be grouped, i.e. damage reduction, unique (for legendary and mythic) and so forth. A filter for links, spirits, necromancy, skins, etc. would be a very handy feature, especially with more games that have troop restrictions.

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Well, as I said, earlier in the thread, we did have this option before. In the Old UI, we had a “left to right” menu where you could select different traits (by their name) and filter troops by said trait. For example, if you picked “Water Link” only troops with that trait would show up.

So, you propose an idea more akin to the spell filter we have, where instead of filtering by spell name, you filter by what the spell does (Generates Souls, Converts Gems, etc).

While I like this system (for the most part), for spells, it could be problematic for traits. For example, grouping all the Skull Damage Reduction traits (like Stoneskin) under “Skull Damage Reduction” would be pretty decent (as those traits all have the same basic idea), grouping all Link traits (Stone Link, Water Link, etc) would defeat the purpose of the filter. Yes, while all of those traits do the same “type” of thing, they are each for different colors. I wouldn’t want to have to sift through a dozen Stone/Water/Etc Link troops, trying to find a Magic Link troop that I want.

Basically, what I’m saying is the grouping idea, like spells, could work, as long as care (and common sense) are taken into account when making these groups.

As I said above, I believe some of these groups would work, and others would not. As Lyya pointed out, with Skull Reduction, you probably aren’t specifically looking for “Stoneskin”, just a tank, in general. But, with the Link traits (Stone, Water, Magic, etc), you probably are looking for a specific one. So, if I’m looking for Magic Link, I wouldn’t want to dig through dozens of Stone/Water/Etc Link troops, trying to find the one Magic Link troop I want.

Also, what do you mean by a “Unique” filter for Legendary and Mythic troops? Do you mean that there would be a “Unique” option that houses all these troops (because they all have Unique traits) or do you mean each Unique trait will have a filter option (like, Infernal King’s Resurrection trait, for example)?

Personally, I like the latter idea. But the former is almost useless, in my opinion. While it would “filter” out the lower rarity troops, you would still have to sift through all the Legendary and Mythic troops, if the trait filter isn’t troop specific. At that point, you would just be better off filtering troops by Base Rarity, going to Legendary or Mythic and looking at each troop, one by one.

So, in short, while I think grouping for stuff like Skull Reduction would be fine, I think traits like Water or Magic Link should be an individual option. Same goes for Unique traits like Resurrection or Rebirth, because lumping all Legendary and Mythic troops under a “Unique” filter, wouldn’t be much of a filter, in my opinion (because there would still be too many options to sift through and wouldn’t really “narrow down the pool” that well, which is the purpose of a filter, in the first place).