ANNOUNCE: Kingdom Power Checklist


Confused by Kingdom Power? Struggling to keep track of your progress?

The new Kingdom Power Checklist can help!

Track the number of pets you have from each Kingdom. Track the number of troops with three traits in each Kingdom. Track how many weapons you’ve upgraded for each Kingdom.

Okay, so there’s a lot of tracking.

Visit my Gems of War page to download the checklist, in Word or PDF format:

The Kingdom Power Checklist is a table where you can mark your progress towards each Kingdom’s Power Level objectives. Included is a colour-coded table of what those objectives are.

I recommend using the table from the point where all Kingdoms are level 10 and you’ve collected most non-Mythic troops. The game doesn’t do a great job of letting you know where you’re at on Power Levels; at best, you have to open each kingdom in turn. If you keep this checklist roughly up-to-date, you should have a better idea of which Kingdoms might be ready for advancement.

This version includes the Sin of Maraj. I intend to add any new Kingdoms within a couple of days of release.

I’m also planning to put together some reference tables – as I’ve done for other games – to help answer those burning, in-game questions: What’s the best banner for this team? How many Souls do I need to level my new Hero Class? How close am I to Hero Level 100 with this Class?

Hopefully I can produce something before too long.

Note: If you find this useful, I’d love to hear from you. If you can think of ways to make it better, I’d love to hear from you. If you don’t get it and can’t see why anyone would use this stupid checklist, keep your mouth shut – I didn’t make this for you.


Revised Kingdom stars (power level) critera
Mythic Plans after every Kingdom has its (first) Myth?
Revised Kingdom stars (power level) critera

Nice. I wish it was in game. It takes me like 10 minutes to poke around to figure out where I have quests or challenges left, let alone what I have to do to level them.

Make sure you are registered

  1. Go to my collection under your name
  2. To the right of troop table, click on kingdoms
  3. Shows all your kingdoms and what is needed to level each one


Nice one, GoW-DB. I would ask if it’s printable, but I guess my version is, so we got that covered between us. :slight_smile:


Someone pointed out the text isn’t searchable on the forums. Let’s try this:

Tasks to Raise Kingdom Power

Power Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Bonus
1 2 troops 1 troop to L5 Complete Quests +100 Gold per day
2 4 troops 3 troops to L10 Kingdom Level 5 Double Tribute reward
3 1 weapon 3 Traits on 4 troops 2 Epic troops +200 Gold per day
4 8 troops 5 troops to L15 Kingdom Level 10 Double Tribute chance
5 1 weapon maxed 3 Traits on 7 troops Legendary troop +1 Kingdom skill bonus
6 12 troops 9 troops to L18 7 challenges at 5☆ +400 Gold per day
7 3 weapons 3 Traits on 11 troops 2 Legendary troops Triple Tribute reward
8 16 troops 14 troops to L19 2 weapons maxed +600 Gold per day
9 Class 3 Traits on 16 troops 1 pet Triple Tribute chance
10 20 troops 18 troops to L20 Mythic troop +2 Kingdom skill bonus
11 20 troops to L20 Class to L20 1 pet to L10 ×3.25 Tribute reward
12 3 Traits on 21 troops Champion L20 4 weapons ×3.25 Tribute chance
13 22 troops to L20 3 Traits on class 1 pet to L20 ×3.5 Tribute reward
14 3 Traits on 23 troops Champion L30 3 weapons maxed ×3.5 Tribute chance
15 24 troops to L20 Champion L40 2 pets +1,000 Gold per day
16 3 Traits on 25 troops Champion L50 4 weapons maxed ×3.75 Tribute reward
17 26 troops to L20 Champion L60 2 pets to L20 ×3.75 Tribute chance
18 3 Traits on 27 troops Champion L70 6 weapons maxed ×4 Tribute reward
19 28 troops to L20 Champion L80 3 pets ×4 Tribute chance
20 3 Traits on 29 troops Champion L100 8 weapons maxed +3 Kingdom skill bonus


Should it say Hero class or just class vs Champion?


Technically the hero class level is separate, defines stats as per troops, and is leveled with souls to a max of 20. Champion level is separate, unlocks talents, and is leveled via combat using the class to a max of 100.


Agreed. ‘Hero Class’ would read better than just ‘Class’.
Lyya explained Champion level vs Hero Class level.